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Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement on Steve Goodkind’s New Champlain Parkway Position

Miro Weinberger

January 16, 2015

Contact:  Jen Kaulius, Campaign Manager


At last night's Ward 5 NPA meeting, Steve Goodkind advocated for breaking the October 1998 Cooperative Agreement with the State of Vermont and Federal government regarding the Champlain Parkway and stopping work on this project on which over $7 million of State and Federal money has been spent. He indicated that there would be no consequence for this action, predicting that “after the dust settles” we wouldn't need to pay back any of the money the City has accepted and used over the last 15 years.

Mayor Miro Weinberger statement: 

“Steve Goodkind’s first substantive proposal of the campaign is a major policy reversal, a bad idea, and a BT-like financial error all in one.

Goodkind was the Champlain Parkway’s project lead from 1998 until he left City employment in 2013. At no time did he oppose the project until yesterday’s self-proclaimed ‘epiphany’.

Goodkind's new concept makes no sense and will not accomplish the important, long-standing goals of the Champlain Parkway. The Goodkind design will not get large truck traffic out of the South End residential neighborhoods, create a bike path along the Pine Street corridor, or create better transportation access to Pine Street and downtown.

Finally, Goodkind’s claim that we can simply break our 15-year-old Cooperative Agreement with the Vermont Agency of Transportation and suffer no financial consequence is wrong and irresponsible. Now – as we finally have put BT’s problems behind us and begun to rebuild Burlington's reputation – is not the time to create a new, multi-million dollar taxpayer mess.

All in all, Goodkind’s first policy proposal should be understood as an indication that Goodkind would return Burlington to the failed leadership and careless attitude of the past.”

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