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Burlington, VT


Dear Friends - 


This was a hard-fought campaign. I am heading into the next three years as Mayor better equipped to serve the Burlington community because of our spirited debate over these past two months.

This election represents the best of what democracy looks like. No angry, late-night tweets. No sharp sticks, but rather, committed candidates discussing real issues in a productive debate about a future worth fighting for. Burlington proudly serves the nation as a beacon during these challenging times.

Thank you, Burlington, for working so hard to make our City even better. I am honored to have served these past two terms and will do all I can over the next three years to continue to move Burlington forward!

Six years ago, Burlington was in trouble.  Our credit rating was on the edge of junk bond status, our northern waterfront was a mess, our downtown mall was failing, and BT was on the cusp of foreclosure. 

You took a chance, voted for a first-time candidate and a Fresh Start, and together we forged a new direction.  Today we have our A credit rating back again, saving us more than $12 million in interest payments already, the northern waterfront has been transformed into one of the most attractive parts of the City, we have saved BT and guaranteed Burlingtonians high-speed internet choice, and MUCH more.

Together we have laid the foundation for even greater successes in the years ahead.  We are getting big things done again.  I ask for your support to keep Burlington Moving Forward.
— Miro
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What will we do together next?

  • Protect Burlington as an equitable and inclusive City.  Burlington must remain the place in Vermont where people of all backgrounds and ages can make a home and career.
  • Invest in our public spaces, core infrastructure, and public facilities. Infrastructure is the foundation of our quality of life and economy, and our public spaces define us a community.
  • Lead on climate change and protection of Lake Champlain.  We will pursue district heating, strategic electrification, and energy customer empowerment to become a Net Zero Energy City. 

How will we get this done? By staying true to the same core principles that have gotten us this far:

  • We will continue to put financial responsibility first. Without it, nothing else works. 
  • Public engagement, access, and responsiveness. We will never stop working hard to earn and make good on your trust.
  • Resistance to President Trump when he attempts to undermine Burlington values.  On immigration, climate change, and more, we will stand up to Trump whenever he comes for us.